Number Worlds  Level B  Instructional Activity Card Package - Sharon Griffin - pocket (9780076091157)     Bokhandel

25 mar

Familiar Lectures On Botany Explaining the Structure Classification and Uses of Plants Illustrated Upon the Linnaean and Natural Methods with a F - Lincoln Phelps - böcker (9781141891535) Bokhandel

Tillsammans med Rockabilly Fabulous kommer Beatrice medverka i Bingolotto den 1 april i tv4. Missa inte det!

30 Dec

Gwyddoniadur y Pethau Pwysig Iawn - James Mitchem - böcker (9781849673303) Bokhandel

The Young Man's Best Companion and Guide to Useful Knowledge - John Dougall - böcker (9781147075380) BokhandelBloggen är uppdaterad med december-spelningarna!

Read with Oxford Stage 3 Phonics The Moon in the Pond and Other Tales - Monica Hughes - böcker (9780192765185) Bokhandel

23 Nov

Pervye slova - - böcker (9785353086581) Bokhandel

Nu är Moraeus Med Mera igång på SVT!
Alla avsnitt hittar ni på SVT Play
Lördagkvällar kl 20.00!Ishaan's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516217595) Bokhandel
STP Caribbean Mathematics Fourth Edition Age 11-14 STP Caribbean Mathematics Student Book 2 - Chandler - böcker (9780198426523) Bokhandel Ulybnis svoim druzjam - K. Strelnikova - böcker (9785978006995) Bokhandel

26 aug

Open Court Reading - Not Available (NA) - pocket (9780076041213) Bokhandel

Beatrice medverkar i årets Rix FM festival!
Tillsammans med Lars Hägglund värmer hon upp publiken med ett ösigt medley och backar upp årets artister.
Kolla in om Rix festivalen kommer till din stad!
Harvey's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516210343) Bokhandel

15 jun

Javier's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516203970) Bokhandel

Äntligen är det dags för mig att släppa lite ny musik!
De här två låtarna spelades in för några år sedan, men blev liggandes och samlat damm. Till ingen nytta eller glädje.
Så nu är dammet bortblåst och låtarna finns på iTunes och Spotify.
Producerade gjorde Tyree's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516246717) Bokhandel .
Sprid gärna vidare om ni får feeling!

Jairo's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516218912) Bokhandel

Mer låtar kommer inom kort!

Colloquial French CD - Elspeth Broady Alan Moys - böcker (9780415301398) Bokhandel

13 mar

Maps and Globes - Dona Herweck Rice - böcker (9781425825157) Bokhandel

18 mars kl 19 blir det musik i Triangelkyrkan med Enskede Snickeri. Husbandet spelar under kvällen samtidigt som det bjuds på korv. Göttans! Jag är kvällens gästartist. Välkomna!

13 mar

Kyra's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516234417) Bokhandel


Ja… en hel del faktiskt.
Nya låtar, ny frisyr, nya artistbilder, nya läsglasögen (mina första vill jag bara tillägga…) och nya artistiska utmaningar.
Det nya året har väckt lusten till nytt skapande och musicerande och jag känner mig förväntansfull över vad 2017 har att ge.




First Dictionary - Susan Purcell - böcker (9781786178534) Bokhandel

25 jun

Kids' Readers Diego's Big Day - Judith Bauer Stamper - böcker (9780194309318) Bokhandel

Ett nytt band har sett dagens ljus; In The Forest.
Läs mer på bloggen

Lilianna's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516237555) Bokhandel

29 maj

Lyla's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516228188) Bokhandel

Beatrice kommer medverka i några av höstens Moraeus Med Mera-program. Inspelning nu i maj.

Contributions to the Edinburgh Review Volume 2 - Anonymous - böcker (9781147231243) Bokhandel

25 maj

Adventures of Morley and Jack Rabbit The Egg - Paul Geerlings Erika Husselmann - böcker (9780994141996) Bokhandel

Nu är bloggen uppdaterad med bilder från Eurovision.
New pictures from Eurovision on the blog. Check it out!

The Origin of a Land Flora A Theory Based Upon the Facts of Alternation - Fröderick Orpen Bower - böcker (9781143628757) Bokhandel

Fruit Meyveler - Milet Publishing (COR) - böcker (9781840596373) Bokhandel

13 mar

Cozy's Starry Night - - böcker (9781786705037) Bokhandel

The winner of the Lithuanien song contest 2016! Donny Montell with the song ”I’ve been waiting for this night” written by Beatrice Robertsson and Jonas Thander.

Donny Montell

14 Dec

Ares's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516216932) Bokhandel

Here you go; the Eurovision Song Contest video.
Artist – Donny Montell
Songwriters – Beatrice Robertsson & Jonas Thander

Project X Alien Adventures vit Attack of the Giant Meeb - Steve Cole - böcker (9780198493426) Bokhandel

02 Dec

Poems of William Edmondstoune Aytoun - William Edmondstoune Aytoun - böcker (9781144193612) Bokhandel

Beatrice has together with Jonas Thander written a song for Donny Montell that will compete in the Lithuanian Song Contest.


11 sep

Callan's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516239016) Bokhandel

Beatrice is ready for Julgalan!
This year it’s Kalle Moraeus and friends.
Dates coming up soon under Calendar.

31 jan

Animals Come Outside EYFS Teachers Pack - - böcker (9780435156503) Bokhandel

…Now also Iceland! Big congrats Beatrice!
Two of Beatrice songs is now competing for a place in the ESC.
All fingers crossed!

Taraji's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516247110) Bokhandel

30 Nov

Caroline's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516201495) Bokhandel

The song ”Love will take me home” written by Beatrice and Marcus Frenell will compete in The Eurovision Song Contest in Malta 2014.

24 okt

Cambridge Reading Adventures - Jim Carrington - böcker (9781107576049) Bokhandel

There’s a new show group in town! F.A.B – Frida, Ann and Beatrice
You’ll find show dates under Calendar

Zachary's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516226238) Bokhandel

06 feb

A Monograph of Australian Land Shells - James Charles Cox - böcker (9781116446401) Bokhandel

Going out on tour again around Europe.
Check out where we’re going under Calendal.

11 Dec

Keagan's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516241118) Bokhandel

Beatrice is one of the songwriters of the song ”I need a hero” that will compete in the Latvian Eurovision song contest 2013.

Listen to the song here:
The Environment of the British Isles - A. S. Goudie - böcker (9780198741732) Bokhandel

27 sep

Brenda's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516213979) Bokhandel

September 29 Beatrice will compete i Country SM in Sälen in the pop/rock/country genre. Keep your fingers crossed!

02 jul

The British Poets Volume 3 - Anonymous - böcker (9781147666144) Bokhandel

July 14th, Beatrice will sing at Victoriadagen, the Swedish princess birthday, in the house band.
Loreen, Agnes and Danny is some of the artists performing. The show is live broad casted at SVT. Don’t miss!

26 apr

Landry's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516218103) Bokhandel

May 2nd Beatrice will play at Klubb Manifest at Underbara bar, Östgötagatan 33. Free entrance.

05 mar

North American Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1 Student's Books (Paperback) with 1 Year Elevate Access 5th Edition - University of Cambridge - böcker (9781107484610) Bokhandel

Finally you can hear Beatrice album Starting all over on Spotify
Beatrice – Starting All Over

And also on Marc's Reading Log My First 200 Books (Gatst) - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516213214) Bokhandel and The Ocean - Philip Henry Gosse - böcker (9781144639561) Bokhandel

13 feb

English Plant Names from the Tenth to the Fifteenth Century - John Earle - böcker (9781141437269) Bokhandel

February the 21th Beatrice will be playing with her dynamite band at the Scandic Grand Central in Stockholm, Kungsgatan 70. 9.30 pm.
Free entrance. Welcome!

Lowell Institute Lectures - Josiah Royce - böcker (9781142762483) Bokhandel

19 Dec

Jaden's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516203024) Bokhandel

January Beatrice will go on a Europe tour.
Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
Check out the dates and cities under Calendar

11 okt

Calista's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516249558) Bokhandel

Beatrice will be singing with Carola at Tyrol Friday 14th of October.
Read more about the concert here and for tickets:
Emi's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - böcker (9781516247318) Bokhandel

10 aug

From Jiggers to Blind Elephants - Sharon Johnson Pond - böcker (9781449049751) Bokhandel

Beatrice going to Sicily to play at the Sigonella base.
Follow her trip at

18 maj

J'Aime Ma Maison - Ich Liebe Mein Haus Édition Bilingue - Français Allemand - Rosie Cat Antony Briggs - böcker (9781981322442) Bokhandel

Welcome to an acoustic gig at the cozy Kafé Klavér in Skanstull,
May 23. Rutger Fuchsgatan 5.
Beatrice will sing new and old songs, but also tell a little bit about the help organization Caminul Felix’s work in Romania and Thailand.
The entrance is optional or free, but all the money goes to the orphanages.
Show starts 7.30 pm :).Welcome!
Ps. If you’re there earlier you will also have time to enjoy the wonderful ”fika”…

14 mar

Project X Phonics gul 9b Into the Deep - Emma Lynch - böcker (9780198480013) Bokhandel

Beatrice will be one of the artists in the SVT production ”En sång om glädje” that will be broadcasted in May.
Robert Wells, Sofia Kjellgren, Gladys del Pilar, Triple and touch will also be on the show…
You don’t wanna miss this!

15 jan

Zaire's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516219728) Bokhandel

January 22, the popular singer Yohanna will compete in the Icelandic Song Contest with the song ”Nótt”, written by Beatrice, Marcus Frenell and Maria Björk.

You can watch the show online on

Keep your fingers crossed! 😀

25 Nov

Zanimatelnoe stikhoslozhenie - Nikolaj Shulgovskij - böcker (9785001080961) Bokhandel

Beatrice will be touring with Carola on her christmas tour ” Från vinterskrud till morgonstjärna” in November and December
Good luck Beatrice!

22 Nov

1 2 3 Look At Me Counting Book Where is my Puppy - Ronny Gazzola - böcker (9788854412712) Bokhandel

Don’t miss this!
Beatrice and four other female artists will perform together with only women in the band.
Monica Dominique is the band leader.
The show starts at 19.00. 190 SEK
For more info visit Hero Academy Oxford Level 11 Lime Book Band Class pack - - böcker (9780198416685) Bokhandel or Hero Academy Oxford Level 12 Lime+ Book Band Mixed pack - - böcker (9780198416753) Bokhandel


24 maj

Marley's Reading Log - Martha Day Zschock - pocket (9781516217892) Bokhandel

Once again Beatrice will be touring in the States.
Starting in Biloxi, MS at the Hard Rock Casino.
Discovering Mathematics Student Book 2A - Victor Chow - böcker (9780198421900) Bokhandel
She will also be writing songs in Nashville together with skilled producers and songwriters.

Good luck, Beatrice!

Fun with Learning Reading - Berlitz Publishing - böcker (9789812688446) Bokhandel

A well known artist on the Scandinavian music scene, Beatrice brings her unique blend of folk, rock, country, and Scandinavian influence to the RedJet Records arsenal. Beatrice is now gaining overwhelming popularity in the United States...

More about Bea →

Nautical Lays of a Landsman - Wallace Irwin - böcker (9781141630325) Bokhandel

Light On the Hills - Anonymous - böcker (9781141501847) Bokhandel

27 December 2015

Christmas consert at Björna kyrka

3 November 2015

Singing at hemlöselunch Korskyrkan Birger Jarlsgatan 66

2 November 2015

Singing for El-Giganten at Scandic in Sollentuna

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